Associate Therapist

Joe Kovacevich, AMFT (License #120758) is a warm, highly attuned, knowledgable therapist who is able to provide services for a lower fee as he works toward licensure. Joe graduated from Antioch University with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and gained clinical experience and specialized training at Valley Community Counseling Clinic.

Here’s how Joe describes his approach:

Life holds multitudes. We get to experience the magic of our own humanity and with that comes times of suffering and the deepest sorrows. I am here for all of it.

My process in helping you to alleviate mental suffering will involve looking carefully at the nature of your core emotional conflicts, their sources, and your relationship to these—all with an eye toward building your capacity to face life’s difficulties without being overtaken by them. In doing this, you can come to experience fulfillment and joys which would’ve otherwise remained inaccessible.

I have a foundation in practicing multiple therapeutic modalities but am especially interested in psychoanalytic psychotherapy as a vehicle for lasting change and reformation.

Joe can be reached by phone at 661-434-1085 or email at

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