Clinical Associates

As part of my practice, I supervise clinical associates as they work toward licensure. These caring and skilled psychotherapists are available to provide individual and couples therapy.

Jenna Bennett, Ph.D.

Jenna Bennett (Registered Psychological Associate #94026268) holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center and the City College of New York, and is completing advanced training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Wright Institute Los Angeles.

With care, openness and a strong foundation in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Dr. Bennett helps adults, adolescents, and couples find greater fulfillment and connection in their lives. She values the power of a strong therapeutic relationship rooted in trust, where feelings, histories and the complex layers of an individual’s experiences can be explored. Through a collaborative process, Dr. Bennett helps her patients articulate what lies at the core of their difficulties and make sense of their origin. In her own words:

When intense struggles emerge in life, we often do not have the capacity or support to process our emotions. In these instances, as we try to move forward, we take with us whatever was unexpressed and unprocessed, and this often continues to impact us in a variety of ways. Therapy provides an opportunity for me to accompany you in returning to these moments to discover greater self-understanding, to develop more robust internal resources, and to uncover new pathways and possibilities for the future. 

You can reach Jenna Bennett, Ph.D. by email at or by phone at (424) 253-4656.

Joe Kovacevich, AMFT

Joe Kovacevich (Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #120758) is a highly attuned, deeply thoughtful therapist who received his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University and gained clinical experience and specialized training at Valley Community Counseling Clinic.

His process in helping you to alleviate mental suffering will involve looking carefully at the nature of your core emotional conflicts, their sources, and your relationship to these—all with an eye toward building your capacity to face life’s difficulties without being overtaken by them. In doing this, you can come to experience fulfillment and joys which would’ve otherwise remained inaccessible.

Joe has a foundation in practicing multiple therapeutic modalities but is especially interested in psychoanalytic psychotherapy as a vehicle for lasting change and reformation.

You can reach Joe Kovacevich, AMFT by email at or by phone at (661) 434-1085.

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